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I offer a FREE consultation to all customers. This is where we look at the specific needs of you and your pet.



Wash, Dry & Cut - Your dog will be washed with professional products to suit your dogs coat and skin type.

Nails Clipped - Keep your dogs nails short by booking in for this service.

Ears Cleaned - Removal wax and debris with professional products.

Dog Pedicure - The pedicure Includes paw cleaning, nail clipping and paw hair trimming followed by a pad massage with pad balm.

Roxy's Pet Care

My name is Julie Towers I own and run Roxy's Pet Care. I have owned and worked with animals, dogs in particular, all of my life. I am a qualified dog groomer, I have a level two diploma in animal care and currently studying towards a diploma in animal behavior. I also volunteer for the RSPCA as a Home Visitor and have done so for a number of years.

Dogs are my passion and I feel privileged to be working with them. Feel free to contact me at Roxy's Pet Care for a FREE consultation or to book an appointment. I look forward to meeting you and your pets.





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